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Benefits Counseling

benefits-counselingThe Benefits Counseling Program trains volunteers to help homeowners and renters age 60 and older or persons with disabilities find resources to help them stay in their homes for as long as they choose. Benefits Counselors also help people apply for benefits that help them save money, like Fuel Assistance or SNAP (food stamps).

Benefits Counselors:

  • Identify options for home repair or energy efficiency upgrades
  • Provide basic information on how to apply for home improvement or home modification loans and grants
  • Help with the application process and forms
  • Make referrals to agencies and organizations that may help
  • Educate people on resources

Benefits Counselors are volunteers from Franklin County and North Quabbin towns who work in their own community and create their own schedule. For information on how to become a Benefits Counselor, please contact us. Basic computer skills, including access to and familiarity with the internet can be helpful, but a desire to help is all that is required. Training is easy and ongoing.

Download the brochure (289 KB PDF)

The Benefits Counseling's Home Repair Guide is available for download. Click here.

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