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We are LifePath, Formerly Franklin County Home Care Corporation (FCHCC)

FCHCC changed its name to LifePath in 2016

About the name change: We listened to you

After listening to feedback from clients and their families, volunteers and donors, other professionals, and our own staff, we heard consistently that people in the community trust us to help navigate their options for maintaining independence. Some people did not know that the agency serves regions outside of Franklin County, works with elders and other populations, and offers home care and many other types of services

LifePath's promise

LifePath will continue to listen first and then help each person find the best options for their unique needs. LifePath will support elders and persons with disabilities to maintain independence and quality of life in their own homes and communities, caregivers to find relief, and loved ones to choose the right path. As we have been for over 45 years, we’ll be there offering options for independence.