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Frequently Asked Questions about LifePath’s 2020 Walkathon

What was the 2020 Walkathon date? and location?

The Walkathon returned to the first Saturday in May and was held Saturday, May 2, 2020 as a virtual event.

Where was the 2020 Walkathon held?

We wanted to host the event, but considered more creative options since having to practice social distancing and not gather in groups of any size. In response, we hosted a virtual event rather than coming together in a physical location. It was the best way to honor your support, protect the health of our community, and provide for the needs that exist, now more than ever.

How did indivdiuals participate in the Virtual Walkathon on Saturday, May 2?

When participants click this link, they were directed to a YouTube Premiere showcasing the virtual presentation. An email message on Wednesday, April 29 and again that Friday alerting participants of this update. 

What is a YouTube Premiere Event?

YouTube Premiere event is a scheduled on-line gathering. Clicking the link above will take those who click to a shareable and public watch page that displays the title, description, and thumbnail of the video - so you’ll know you’re in the right place! Participants may choose to receive a tune-in notification around 30 minutes before the start, and a second notification at the start.

When the Premiere starts, a countdown will show during the first 2 minutes. When the countdown is over, participants watch the video with others in real-time. Viewers are unable to skip forward, but skipping backwards during the stream is permitted. Interacting with the video and each other by using the live chat feature is encouraged, if participants have a YouTube account and are logged in. When the Premiere is over, the video will remain uploaded for anyone to enjoy.  

How many years has the Walkathon been running?

In 2020, LifePath marked 28 years of hosting the Walkathon event.

What have the funds raised by the walkathon traditionally supported?

LifePath’s Walkathon event has been pivotal in underwriting LifePath’s nutrition program when the agency experienced gaps in funding. For the life of the Walkathon event, the funds you and others have raised were restricted to solely supporting Meals on Wheels and the nutrition program.

Other than the format of the event, it sounds like there is a change this year. What has happened with the Meals on Wheels and nutrition programs?

This year, LifePath’s Meals on Wheels and nutrition programs are on track to be fully funded. This is because of the generous donations to date, increased funding from local grants, and increased reimbursement rates. Those in need of support through these programs and services will continue to receive it because we have the necessary funding. It is important to note that every year is different. While we feel fortunate to be fully funded in these programs this year, the programs could again experience a deficit.

What did team members and individuals fundraising for and why?

This year, the focus of fundraising for the Walkathon event was opened up so the funds may be directed to any LifePath program where they are vitally needed. As a private, non-profit organization, LifePath receives state and federal funding which does not fully cover the costs of providing quality care to our community. The funds raised through the Walkathon are critically needed to fill those gaps and may support LifePath’s broad array of programs and services including Meals on Wheels, Home Care Services, Benefits Counseling, Protective Services, SHINE, Healthy Living, Money Management, and more.

We asked that fundraisers make use of the online fundraising option through LifePath. Personalized online fundraising links were created. (Many team captains have been contacted with a team link!) Once set up, share the link through social media, email, or text. Donors give directly online and, because it's your personal or team link, your tally will increase before your very eyes!

Can donors specify which programs they'd like to support?

While providing a donation to the general fund gives our organization the greatest flexibility to allocate resources to the most-needed programs, donors are welcome to specify a program, if they wish. Those funds would then be "restricted" and only be spent on costs related to the specified program.

What’s the most important thing to know about unrestricted funding?

Unrestricted funds give LifePath the flexibility to make independence an option in every way possible. For programs in need now, or if Meals on Wheels or other programs are in need again, receiving funding in this way offers LifePath the flexibility to take care of elders when and where it is needed across our programs and services.

How were businesses able to participate?

This year was no different than any other in that securing sponsorships from local businesses and organizations was an important part of the event. Sponsorships were available from $250 and higher. Moving to a virtual event, we recognized sponsors through social media, in the Good Life section of Saturday’s Recorder, when communicating with participants, during the virtual event, and other ways as we were able.

How did individuals help?

Many previous team memebrs either carried on as they always had, or made adjustsments to continue their goodwill for LifePath and those serevd by the agency. 

For 2021, we'll be looking to encourage broader participation from student run groups, social or youth organizations, faith communities, and businesses looking to do something good locally. 

We encouraged a change in support of social distancing. We asked that fundraisers make use of the online fundraising option through LifePath. Personalized online fundraising links were created, (starting with previous team captains!) Once set up, links were shared through social media, email, or text. Donors give directly online and, because it's your personal or team link, the team tally increased before your very eyes!

Can I send a check in support of the effort?

Always! Checks made out to LifePath with “Walkathon” in the memo line can be mailed to LifePath at 101 Munson Street, Suite 201, Greenfield, MA 01301.

If I have questions, who can I talk to?

Simply contact Carol Foote, Outreach and Development Director, at 413-773-5555 x2225 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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