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Valley Gives Day is Tuesday, May 1, 2018!

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All donations will go to Meals on Wheels 

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On Valley Gives Day, residents of the Pioneer Valley have a unique opportunity to join together in support of local nonprofit organizations that enrich the community. 

More about Meals on Wheels 

LifePath's Meals on Wheels program has a $150,000 funding gap, which is filled by generous supporters. The amount raised on Valley Gives Day will be added to the total raised by the Meals on Wheels Walkathon and other sources. These gifts allow us to say "Yes!" to every elder who qualifies for the home-delivered meals service and continue having no wait-list.

Meals on Wheels: A Love Story

So many people in our community go the extra mile to show they care about elders who receive Meals on Wheels, and so can you. Give to Meals on Wheels this May 1 on Valley Gives Day.

How does giving to LifePath make a difference?

The Franklin County and North Quabbin communities are founded on the principles of mutual care and support. A dedicated staff of professionals and volunteers at LifePath strives to connect people with the best care options for their unique needs.

“LifePath is vital to our community… without all the services that LifePath provides, it would be difficult for a lot of families to maintain or take care of their loved ones,” said one LifePath client regarding the role of LifePath in the community.

With a growing number of elders, persons with disabilities, and caregivers in need of LifePath’s programs, it is more important than ever for residents of the Pioneer Valley to assist in the organization’s efforts to provide the best service possible.

Why give to Meals on Wheels at LifePath?

In particular, to maintain the high standards of the Meals on Wheels program and meet the needs of the 700 clients who receive meals, LifePath relies on continued financial support from the community.

When you donate to Meals on Wheels at LifePath on Valley Gives Day, you allow the organization to continue to say yes to every elder who qualifies for the home-delivered meal service. Your generous contributions also ensure that your friends and neighbors in Franklin County and the North Quabbin region will receive a wellbeing check from a friendly, volunteer Meals on Wheels driver, reducing risks of loneliness and isolation and improving health outcomes.

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What is Valley Gives?

Valley Gives invites our Pioneer Valley community to come together and respond generously to this challenge: ask as many people as possible to give as much as possible to their favorite nonprofits in just 24 hours.

This online event is sponsored by The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.