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Walkathon: Footholds and Uncharted Territory

hands making a heart sign in front of a street sign saying entering AshfieldWe're looking for videos, and photos like this, that represent where you live and walk, your love for this area and LifePath, and what is special to you about your team and the event.We are in uncharted territory. Every day each of us is adjusting and responding to the latest news and developing situations, and creating normalcy.  We’re experiencing big change, but even the smallest change for LifePath program participants may mean the difference between keeping their independence or having to surrender it. Where are the footholds for the most vulnerable?

Starting now, we’re asking you to capture images, video, and stories and send them our way so that we may weave them together to share on May 2.

Funds raised through the Walkathon help us to create normalcy, the footholds, for those we serve. Supporting underfunded programs across our services makes the largest impact for those we serve, especially as we navigate increases in costs created by COVID-19 for the goods and services we provide. With the event being our largest fundraiser of the year, we depend on the generosity from this community, even at this complicated and heartbreaking time.

On the lighter side of this uncharted territory, we’re approaching our first-ever virtual Walkathon.  Our goal is to create a meaningful virtual experience for sponsors, fundraisers, walkers, consumers, partners and staff. To do that, we need your help. (Yes, again.)  

Before the event ever happens, you’re doing the work in the month ahead. You are commiting to becoming a sponsor, managing your teams, asking for support, and walking your favorite routes. Even though we won’t be coming together, we want to see you in action.

Starting now, we’re asking you to capture images, video, and stories and send them our way so that we may weave them together to share on May 2. These clips and snips will represent your participation, like seeing each other at the registration table, at the coffee and donut display, or around the route.  

Your images, videos, and words will also demonstrate your investment in the well being of those we serve and why this event is especially important this year. Here are some ideas as you consider what to share with us:

  • Record videos. 
    • Tell us why you sponsor or walk for LifePath
    • Show us your walk route
    • Make a spoof of those things that are unique to LifePath’s Walkathon
    • Create a video love note for your team members or the agency
  • Snap photos.
    • Feature yourself, your sneakers, or a furry walking buddy
    • Hold a sign with a Walkathon or LifePath related message 
  • Submit written material.
    • Share your LifePath story
    • Tell us about your team
    • Divulge the best response you received when you asked someone to support your efforts

When you have something to submit, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will respond with a link for you to visit to upload your file. This is all uncharted territory-but we’re going to make it happen.

As an alternative, if you don’t have the technology or expertise to snap or shoot photos or video on your own, I am offering “socially distanced drive-by photo or video opportunities.” For this option or other questions, contact me.  I’ll be glad to hear from you. Our hope is to have all submissions by April 27. 

The measures of normalcy LifePath can extend are precious. You help us to make that happen for the many people who depend on what LifePath provides. Thank you so very much.