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The LifePath Family: Getting to Know Leanne Jacobs-Rohan

Leanne Jacobs-RohanLeanne Jacobs-Rohan

Case Manager for State Home Care, Geriatric Support Services Coordinator for Senior Care Options (SCO), and Long Term Supports Coordinator for One Care

How long have you been working at LifePath?

I’ve been working here since October 2012.

What are your responsibilities?

I coordinate home care services for people over 60 as well as people with disabilities ages 21-64. Home Care Services can include home delivered meals, personal care, homemaking, medication dispensing machines, lifelines, transportation, or other services as needed.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

I speak to a lot of clients each day both on the phone and in person, determining how to best coordinate their care needs. I am on the road a lot, considering a lot of people I see live in Athol, Petersham, and Royalston. Then when I return to the office, I make a lot of phone calls to coordinate their care.

What’s your favorite thing about your role?

That’s easy to answer: I love hearing stories of history. I’ve been lucky enough to meet people who have lived through the Depression, fought in WWII, immigrated here on a boat from Italy, etc. I also really enjoy putting services in place in order to make some lives a little easier.

What has been your most memorable moment at LifePath?

We had a Halloween party that was really fun, and a lot of people dressed up. Some even performed a song and dance. It was very interesting to see what people created!

What does LifePath’s mission mean to you?

I always tell people that our goal is to provide ‘home care,’ not to take people away from their homes and put them in nursing homes. Our goal is to help people stay in their homes as long as possible; I love that. I really enjoy that we don’t ‘sell’ services to people, we offer them.

Would you like to add anything else?

Sometimes we have to ask clients some tough questions, like about mobility, incontinence, when to stop driving, etc. I keep in mind that we’re all in the same boat together, and we’re all getting older. Eventually all of us will need other people, and I hope that an agency like LifePath exists when I reach the age of needing others.