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Home Care Services provide a custom plan of care

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard* are in their late 80s. Thanks to help from their retired son Jack* and LifePath, they still live in their own home. Mrs. Bernard has dementia and needs a caregiver, but she only wants Jack in her home. Through the Consumer Directed Care (CDC) program at LifePath, the family chose to hire Jack as a paid caregiver. Jack receives payment for 14 hours of service a week to care for both his aging parents (*names have been changed).

Select your own caregiver

The CDC program is one of many programs within LifePath’s Home Care Services department. This program is special because it allows you to choose to select your own caregiver. A neighbor, friend, or even a family member can receive payment to care for you.

CDC & Home Care“Consumer Directed Care allows the client greater control over how they receive services in their home,” says Cindy Ray, Home Care Program Director. “It's a great option for those who prefer to ‘hire’ someone they already know and trust, or it can provide a means of payment to those in the community who may already be helping a senior in need.”

Making a referral and getting started

You, or your caregiver, can make a referral for Home Care Services by contacting LifePath. Just tell the receptionist you want to make a Home Care Referral. A resource specialist will then take your information. Within a few days, a case manager meets with you and others of your choosing in your home to learn more about your situation and develop a plan of care.

During the initial visit, the case manager uses financial information you provide to determine your deductible. For most individuals, the copay equals only a fraction of the cost of the services.

Once services are in place, your case manager stays in touch to ensure that your needs are met. The case manager offers support and resources and can make modifications to your care plan as your needs change.

More about Home Care Services

Home Care Services may include light homemaking, chore services for heavier jobs, personal care and/or home delivered meals. For people with dementia or other mental health needs, supportive home care aides are available, as well as respite services to give stressed caregivers a break from their dedicated work. Adaptive equipment such as bath benches, grab bars and Lifeline services are also an option.

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