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Assistance for older adults returning to work after retirement

Whether out of financial necessity or a desire to stay busy, some older adults choose to return to the workforce after retirement – but they don’t have to do it alone. Resources offering support for older job seekers are available both online and locally.

Older workersIf you're an older adult looking to return to the workforce,
free resources are available both online and locally to assist you.
The National Council on Aging (NOCA) offers an online portal called JobSource, which helps older adults find employment by helping users to define their skills and interests and receive training from over 30, free online courses to develop new skills and earn free job certifications. The site also offers resources and tips for the job search, successful resume and cover letter writing, and interview preparation to help older adults land the right job.

“For many older Americans, employment is necessary to remain financially secure, healthy, and independent,” said Nora Dowd Eisenhower, senior vice president of economic security at NCOA, in a press release. “But as industries and workplaces evolve, it is vital that older adults acquire the skills that can keep them competitive.”

To access the JobSource portal, visit

The Franklin Hampshire Career Center, with offices in Greenfield (413-774-4361), Northampton (413-586-6506), and Orange (978-544-3506), is another great resource for older job seekers. In addition to free employment, training, and educational services, they offer an “Older Worker Program.” From their website:

The Franklin Hampshire Career Center helps older adults (age 55 and older) find employment by building the skills and confidence they need to find permanent employment.

Low-income elders who meet certain eligibility requirements and hope to enter or re-enter the workforce may be eligible to participate in a training and employment program. The primary goal of the program is to place Senior Aides in unsubsidized employment.

Learn more about the Franklin Hampshire Career Center online at