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Your volunteering vocation is calling!

Find your path at our Volunteer Open House

Are you looking for a way to meet new people, enjoy new experiences, and give back to the community? Local nonprofit LifePath has a volunteer opportunity for you!

If you’ve been wondering what volunteering is like, or thinking about giving us a call, join us for a Volunteer Open House on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, at 3 p.m., taking place in our offices at 101 Munson St., Suite 201,
Greenfield, MA 01301. No commitment is required: just come, enjoy free refreshments, and learn.

At the open house, you’ll hear what it’s like to volunteer and discover the many vibrant opportunities to use your skills and passion to serve our area's elders and persons with disabilities.

A rewarding experience

Did you know that over 450 people each year find fulfilling experiences by volunteering with LifePath? You can:

  • Build lasting connections with elders and people with disabilities and learn new communication and problem-solving skills. For example, Long-Term Care Ombudsmen help nursing home or rest home residents ensure quality of life and quality of care by hearing and resolving their concerns and advocating for their rights.
  • Be a part of a vibrant team working together to solve problems in our community, such as with our Meals on Wheels Walkathon team, who create a one-day celebration of our local elders and a fundraiser for Meals on Wheels, critical to the continuation of the program.
  • Teach others in the community how to improve their well-being, such as with our Benefits Counseling team, which helps people find resources and apply for money-saving benefits to help them stay in their homes for as long as they choose.

A supportive environment

All volunteers receive ongoing support and training from experienced program directors and get to meet and socialize with other volunteers in their chosen program. Some programs provide free luncheons, picnics, and other ways to connect with colleagues during the year. LifePath experts provide one-on-one guidance throughout your volunteer experience. “The mentoring experience was extremely important to me. Otherwise I would not have been able to start doing Ombudsman work on my own as effectively and with enough confidence in myself," says Robert Amyot, a volunteer Ombudsman.

Flexibility for your unique lifestyle

Volunteer commitments can be as short as one day and as long as a lifetime. Volunteer on your own schedule the same time every week or on a flexible schedule.

Choose an opportunity that offers a stipend or mileage reimbursement to offset your time and costs.
Training is free.

“LifePath volunteers are essential to many community programs, and we take every opportunity to show our appreciation. Many are recognized as heroes in the community,” said Roseann Martoccia, Executive Director of LifePath. “We are grateful to all who give their time and skills.”

Your life experiences and knowledge are invaluable and can make a difference in our community. Your time, no matter how small, can make a big difference.

Get started today

If you have questions or wish to register for the Volunteer Open House, please contact Lynne Feldman, Director of Community Services, by phone at 413-773-5555 x 2215 or 978-544-2259 x 2215, or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you can’t attend the Open House, Lynne is available to talk with you about your interest at any time.

Read more about volunteer opportunities.