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Mary Johnson and her team of resource consultants are here to help you!

Looking for answers but don’t know where to begin? The Information & Caregiver Resource Center (ICRC) at LifePath can help with any issue pertaining to elders, persons with disabilities, their caregivers, and the professionals who work with them.

ICRC photoDo you have a question about home care, caregiver support, or services for an elder or person with a disability? Resource consultants in the ICRC are waiting to take your call. Contact us at 413-773-5555 or 978-544-2259.Mary Johnson is the information and referral supervisor in the ICRC. Mary and a team of knowledgeable resource consultants are just a phone call or appointment away to answer your questions about topics like:

  • in-home care services
  • pay for caregivers, caregiver grants, caregiver support and respite
  • legal questions
  • fuel assistance
  • and so much more

“I just start by listening to the caller, listening to their concerns, and from that point determining what’s the best direction to go,” says Mary.

“Frequently we do have caregivers that contact us,” she says, adding that family members who have been home for the holidays may pick up on changes that concern them. “All of a sudden they’re noticing that there are some things that are maybe not the same, whether it's mail piling up on the table or bills not being paid, or they’re opening the refrigerator door and there’s outdated food.”

Caregivers and other loved ones who have concerns don’t have to try to figure out what to do on their own. “It’s hard to navigate through all the various programs,” Mary continues. “You really need somebody to help guide you through the maze to get services in place. It’s just not something most caregivers can do without assistance.”

Whether you want to ask a quick question, learn about local, statewide or national services or programs, or find out more about getting started with one of LifePath’s many service programs, the ICRC is the first stop on the way to your solution. Tell us your specific needs so we can help in the best way possible.

“My best suggestions for anybody that has any concerns,” says Mary, “is to just call. Let us help you and your loved one figure out what’s the best fit for them. That’s our job, and I think we are pretty good at it!”

We’re here to help. Contact the Information and Caregiver Resource Center at LifePath at 413-773-5555 or 978-544-2259 or email us.