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Book delivery services from local libraries

Now that the lazy days of summer are almost here, it's the perfect time to sit back and relax in the shade with a good book in hand while a warm breeze gently ruffles the pages. And what better place to pick out your summer reading than your local library? Luckily, for those who are unable to travel to their town’s library, many of the libraries throughout Franklin County and the North Quabbin region offer delivery services so you can access your favorite books and media at home.

“Libraries serve everyone,” says Linda Hickman, director of the Carnegie Public Library in Turners Falls. “While some services are meant for a certain age group, like those offered by public schools or councils on aging, library services are for people of all ages. That’s why we offer both short-term and long-term delivery, because everyone should have access to the library.” Linda further explains that recipients of the Carnegie Library’s delivery services can also order other library materials like CDs and DVDs.

How would someone go about having books delivered to their home?

Give your local library a call and ask about setting up either short-term or long-term deliveries for yourself or a person in need. Make sure to ask on which days books are delivered. Several of the libraries listed can also choose books and media for you based on the genres that you enjoy reading, watching, or listening to.

Libraries offering deliveries:

  • Cushman Library in Bernardston, 413-648-5402
  • Greenfield Public Library, 413-772-1544
  • Dickinson Memorial Library in Northfield, 413-498-2455
  • Wheeler Memorial Library in Orange, 978-544-2495 x100
  • Arms Library in Shelburne Falls, 413-625-0306
  • MN Spear Memorial Library in Shutesbury, 413-259-1213
  • Tilton Library in South Deerfield, 413-665-4683
  • Sunderland Public Library, 413-665-2642
  • Carnegie Public Library in Turners Falls, 413-863-3214