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Caring as a family tradition

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Danielle Boyd experienced the Meals on Wheels program firsthand while working as a home care provider for elders in Franklin County. She would open the door when volunteer Meals on Wheels drivers visited her clients. “They were excited. They knew who was coming to the door.” She would reheat their meals if they wanted to eat them later and remembers that the pudding was always a big hit.”

Food BroodTeam Food Brood, from left to right: Yvonne Mumblo, Shelby Peirce, Morgan Hawkins, Bryson Peirce, Violet Allen, Fabienne Allen, Perry Allen, Jacoby Peirce, John Middleton, Ryder Middleton, Eric Boyd, Declan Allen, Debbie Mumblo, Danielle Boyd, Steve Mitchell, and Lawson Boyd.Danielle’s on-the-job experience with how much Meals on Wheels meant to her clients made it especially meaningful to fundraise for the Meals on Wheels Walkathon.

Her sister Fabienne Allen supports Meals on Wheels, too, amplifying her enthusiasm at home with her kids. “We would return our cans and bottles and put our money into our Walkathon fund.

Danielle adds, "(And they) go to their little purses or change pockets and put in a quarter or something. It makes them feel really good."

Danielle and Fabienne share their excitement for Meals on Wheels with their sister Yvonne Mumblo. Her family knows first-hand just how important it is to look after the elderly. Currently, their Grandpa Bill lives with Yvonne and her family in their home. The whole family takes part in making sure Grandpa Bill is taken care of. Yvonne’s sons Jacoby, eight, and Bryson, six, even gave up their room on the first floor so their grandfather could avoid the stairs. They all know that not all elders are as fortunate to have so much help.

Together, the whole family has created the Walkathon team, “Food Brood,” because they know the importance of helping their elder neighbors. Everyone has their own reason to love the Meals on Wheels Walkathon.

Lawson, 14, says, "It's nice to help out people who can't help themselves as much, and it's a friendly thing to do for the community."

Declan, ten, observes that “the more people participate, the more meals are available.”

Violet, six, states, "It's nice to help other people get money and food."

Perry, eight, is still working out the details: “Food is important, along with water. And other drinks…. Maybe soda… I want soda."

Morgan, 13, enjoys “walking around the track and talking to everybody.”

Shelby, four, loves the face painting! Jacoby, eight, likes the balloon animals.

Ryder is keen on “riding my scooter.”

Danielle says, “You're really benefiting some people who are truly in need of even just seeing another person, because they can't get out of their house. There's a smile in the hot meal being delivered."

The proof is in the pudding that there are smiles on the faces of the families who fundraise for Meals on Wheels. Your family can join the fun, too, by signing up for the 2017 Meals on Wheels Walkathon. Visit or contact Carol Foote, development manager, at 413-773-5555 x2225 or by email.