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Lower your utility bills and get help with affording your heating fuel

Those elder homeowners who are above the income guidelines for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) can get help with fuel bills from the Good Neighbor Energy Fund (GNEF), and with home energy improvements from the MassSave Program. Income guidelines still apply and can be checked by calling the Benefits Counseling program at LifePath for more information: 413-773-5555 or 978-544-2259.

To take advantage of the MassSave Program, call your utility and make arrangements for a free home energy audit. A completed audit makes you eligible for no-cost Energy Star light bulbs, faucet aerators, low-flow shower heads, advanced power strips, and seven-day programmable thermostats. You will also be eligible for money-saving insulation incentives, rebates on energy-efficient appliances, and the opportunity to apply for a 0% heat loan to make further improvements to your home. The utility pays for 75% of up to $2,000 in new insulation improvements, and LifePath, in some cases, provides reimbursement for the remaining 25%. That’s a great deal! $2,000 worth of home energy improvements at no cost to the homeowner.

Call LifePath to learn if you are income eligible for the 25% benefit, following income guidelines established by the GNEF. These guidelines also determine whether or not you are eligible for fuel assistance from the GNEF. LifePath also helps with LIHEAP applications, SNAP, and other public benefits.  Contact Gretchen Smith, Benefits Counseling program coordinator at (413) 773-5555 x2258, (978) 544-2259 x2258, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.