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Team Food Brood is making memories as a family

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“Food Brood” is a Meals on Wheels Walkathon team that was started by LifePath’s executive assistant, Debbie Mumblo, four years ago. Debbie and her daughters got together to talk about why the family loves the annual event, and the grandkids came along, too. Yvonne brought Shelby, who is 4; Bryson, 6; Jacoby, 8; and Morgan, 13. Debbie’s other two daughters were also present: Fabienne and Danielle, who brought Perry, age 8; Violet, age 6; Ryder, age 11; Lawson, 14; and Declan, 10.

Food Brood 2015 webFabienne and Brian Allen with some of the Food Brood siblings and cousins at the 2015 Walkathon: (left to right) Declan, Bryson, Shelby, Violet, Ryder, and Perry. Fabienne says, “I hear this throughout the year: ‘Do you remember the Walkathon when…?’”

The kids are recounting the past Walkathons and laughing.

"Oh yeah, I was the one crab walking around the track!"

“He was like bending his knees while walking; he was like, ‘uh-uh-uh!’ Every three seconds he had to get up and we had to chase him because he was so tired!”

“I kept getting lost on purpose, to hide from them.”

“Yeah, why were you…?”

“I think I was trying to highjack the golf cart.”

Fabienne knows the kids all look forward to returning. “They ask me a few times a year, ‘When is the Walkathon again?’"

Each kid has a favorite activity at the Walkathon. Shelby goes for the face painting.

Bryson: "I like to go around the track and get my face painted and get a balloon.”

Jacoby: "I like walking around the track and talking to everybody."

Morgan: "I like running around the track."

Lawson: “I ask for the craziest balloon hat."

Ryder is keen on “riding my scooter,” and Declan reports: "It's fun to watch the gymnastics."

Debbie Mumblo says she goes because, "there are a lot of people there. I like watching the grandchildren have a good time.” She adds, “Raising money for the elderly is a very kind thing to do, and I know that the children enjoy it, too."

Her daughters agree on why they’ll be there again on April 29. "I like seeing people I haven't seen in a long time, to just catch up and watch the kids have fun."

You can make memories while supporting elders in Franklin County and the North Quabbin, too, by signing up for the 25th Annual Meals on Wheels Walkathon online, on the phone to (413) 773-5555 x2225, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..