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An afternoon at the New Salem Luncheon Club

Celebrating the 20th anniversary

June 2017 new salem luncheon club photoAt the New Salem Luncheon Club, seniors gather on the second and fourth Friday of each month for a hot meal and companionship.On a Friday afternoon in May, the town of New Salem is picturesque and idyllic. The town common is dotted with historic brick buildings, and two twin churches stand side-by-side against the blue spring sky. In the town administration building, a group of locals gather for a meeting of the New Salem Luncheon Club to enjoy a meal and reminisce about growing up and living in New Salem. Members of the luncheon club sit together in the community room, laughing and cracking jokes about life in the region. The luncheon club is something of a town institution, with anywhere between ten and 20 people attending regularly throughout its 20 year history.

During the meeting, a local attorney discusses pro bono legal assistance for community elders, and the town fire chief consults with the group about purchasing a new fire truck. The luncheon club truly feels like a place where important choices are made for the town; attendees of the luncheon club are treated as valued decision-makers for the community.

Amy Fagin, a member of the town civic board and owner of a local arts organization, 20th Century Illuminations, helped to found the group. “It was simply an unmet need that we saw,” says Amy when asked about the origins of the New Salem Luncheon Club. “New Salem is a small community, but there’s a lot of creative energy here. People have a lot to contribute to the town.”

“It’s a good town. Things like this help me keep up with people and stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the area,” said one luncheon club regular.

Another luncheon club member is adamant that they are an open and welcoming group. “Stop by whenever you can – you’re welcome any time!”

To inquire about a senior luncheon club or dining center in your area, contact the Nutrition Program at LifePath. Meals are open to seniors age 60 and older and their spouses of any age, and you do not have to be a resident of the town in which you wish to dine. Read more about the program herefind menus and a complete listing of locations.