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Do you have a chronic disease? Take charge of your health with a workshop from Healthy Living!

The Healthy Living Program at LifePath exists to help people with one or more chronic diseases improve their lives through free workshops on chronic disease, pain, and diabetes self-management; balance and exercise; and healthy eating.

Folks of all ages, as well as family members and caregivers, attend workshops held regularly at their local senior centers, health centers, YMCAs, and elsewhere throughout Franklin County and the North Quabbin region.

“Our participants consistently say how much the workshop has not only helped them learn the skills they need to manage their condition,” says Andi Waisman, MS, Ed., Healthy Living program manager, “but have helped them to feel more hopeful and supported in the challenges they face.”

Healthy Living grew out of a movement that began in 1996. Developed by Stanford University’s Patient Education Research Center, the program was based on the power of “self-efficacy,” or the belief that you are capable of mastering new skills to succeed in achieving your goals. Stanford researched other community-based self-management programs and held focus groups with people living with chronic diseases to develop an evidence-based curriculum designed to improve people’s health.

“The resulting workshops provide information, teach practical skills, and enable participants to build the self-confidence needed to manage their own health,” says Andi. “Over the years, LifePath has partnered with the Healthy Living Center of Excellence to expand the list of evidence-based workshops we offer to include ones developed by other organizations.”

The workshops are proven to have a positive impact on people’s physical and emotional wellness and quality of life. People who have completed workshops report that they now exercise more, better understand how to talk with their doctors, and feel less limited socially and more able to do activities.

Find out more about Healthy Living or register for a free workshop.