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Find the way home with Care Transitions

Care Transitions are the “in between” of getting from one setting to another, for example going from a hospital stay or a nursing rehabilitation stay to home. When you or a family member are making these transitions, going home is the most important thing on our minds. Successful care transitions help you get home and remain stable by empowering you to take charge and control of your health care and minimizing rehospitalization for your present conditions.

Things that are important to consider during care transitions are:

  • Medications are filled/refilled appropriately
  • You understand what medications to take, when and why medication is needed
  • You understand your health conditions and you have all the information you need and/or know what questions to ask when you follow up with your doctors
  • You have scheduled all your follow-up medical appointments and have the means, i.e. transportation, to access these appointments
  • You know when/what changes in your physical condition require action(s) up to and including contacting your doctor(s)
  • You know how to access on-going support or services that are available to you, and you know your options for current/future care
  • You are aware of available support for your caregiver(s)

LifePath offers many services in the home and community that facilitate helping you when you are at home and returning there, including:

  • Information and caregiver resources
  • Care in the home (various programs and services)
  • Options Counseling

Care TransitionsCare Transitions are there to support you on your way home.Our staff members work with your healthcare providers to bridge the transition back to home and set up services or adjust what you had in place. There are many details to think about and take care of when changing settings assuming that a health issue may require some adjustments in your home, care routine or care providers. Communication is a key to making it all work.

Let us help you and your loved one. Contact the Information and Caregiver Resource Center at LifePath anytime.