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Will you join us for lunch this week?

Oct 2017 PP dining centers luncheon clubs photoWe’re really good at keeping people at home. We’re even better at getting them out of the house. Senior Dining Centers and Luncheon Clubs offer more the a meal; they are a social gathering of friends. Shown here is a convivial crowd at the Warwick Luncheon Club in 2015.

Late on a weekday morning, the air fills with a light breeze as you walk up to a door, opening it the scent of a warm harvest soup simmering on a stove and the sound of lively voices chattering out into the country air.

You walk into a friendly lunchtime gathering, pick a seat by a window, and take a few minutes to settle before you add your voice to the discussion around you.

Welcome to your local dining center and luncheon club. More than a dozen groups gather during the week all across Franklin County and the North Quabbin region. Have you given one of these lunches a try? It’s worth dropping by and seeing why so many locals keep returning.

“It’s good visiting time. We have a chance to gab,” says a luncheon club attendee. “We have a good time!”

Shelburne Senior Center 45th Anniversary photoThe Shelburne Senior Dining Center was one of six dining center and luncheon club locations to celebrate a 45th anniversary in 2018.Seniors age 60 and older and their spouses of any age are invited to attend. Individuals with disabilities who are under age 60 and reside in the same home as an elder diner may also attend. Dining centers and luncheon clubs offer a time to enjoy a meal in the company of neighbors and friends. Call one of our locations to order a meal.

Participants are asked to call to sign up for lunch by 11 a.m., one serving day in advance. You do not have to be a resident of the community in which you dine. A $3 suggested donation will help cover the cost of the meals.

The Athol, Deerfield, Montague, Northfield, Orange, and Shelburne dining centers all reached their 45th anniversaries this year, having been among the first meal sites to open back in 1973.

Dining centers and luncheon clubs have been managed by LifePath since 1974. For more information, contact us. Read more about the program and find menus.