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Enjoy the great outdoors with assistance from “Outdoor Access”

October 2017 Outdoor Access article photoBrenda Davies, founder and director of Outdoor Access, demonstrates to Angela how to use the oars of an adaptive kayak.Stavros’ Outdoor Access program, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, is dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals with one or more disabilities to enjoy the natural beauty of the region and experience outdoor recreation. The program offers a wide variety of outdoor activities each season, including everything from hiking and canoeing in the summer to cross country skiing in the winter.

The Outdoor Access program provides accessibility to state parks and forests through various site improvements, providing specialized adaptive recreation equipment, and offering myriad activities so that individuals of all ability levels are able to participate.

On a sunny morning in early August, Angela Boyle and her partner, Dan, were excited to get out on the water in their kayaks. By utilizing an adaptive kayak with assistance from the Outdoor Access team, Angela was able to independently paddle out onto Highland Lake as the team prepared for the day’s excursion. “They have such a professional, caring attitude,” said Dan, looking at out the stillness of the water as he prepared to push off from the shore. “I’ve always been so impressed with what they have to offer.”

For a full listing of upcoming Outdoor Access events, or to learn more about becoming a volunteer with Outdoor Access, visit them online at To learn more about the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s statewide Universal Access Program, visit them on Facebook.