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Do you know how to SHINE?

As a reader of The Good Life, you’ve surely seen and read a handful of the “SHINE” articles that appear monthly in these pages. You may have found the information helpful in furthering your understanding of the complicated healthcare system. But SHINE is much more than a written resource – it’s a comprehensive program that can help you in ways you may not even have known about.

What is SHINE, anyway?

SHINE stands for “Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone.” The program offers health insurance-related resource information, education, and assistance. Anyone and everyone on Medicare can use SHINE services. It is also a great resource for those who are getting ready to retire and participate in Medicare. This is a free service, though contributions are welcome and will go a long way to help support this vital program.

If I contact SHINE, who would help me?

The SHINE Program is supported by trained, volunteer SHINE Counselors, overseen by the Western Massachusetts Regional SHINE Program Director, Lorraine York-Edberg. When you contact SHINE, you can request to meet a Counselor who represents your community in-person at a convenient location or simply consult with them over the phone.

How could SHINE help me?

SHINE counselors can answer your questions related to Medicare, Medicaid, prescriptions, insurance forms, One Care, other health insurance options, and more. This free assistance is provided to you from an unbiased, trained counselor who holds your best interests at heart.

The SHINE Program also hosts quarterly seminars called, “I am new to Medicare, what are my options?” Contact us for more information.

Ready to get in touch? Learn more about the SHINE Program or find a SHINE Counselor in your area by calling 800-732-4636, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.