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Bigger gap than ever to bridge so elders and people with disabilities keep a passion for life!

Lisa MiddentsLisa MiddentsAll of us want to enjoy life as much as we are able. Getting older and living with a disability can make keeping a spark for life challenging. Just ask Arlene.

Dec 2017 End of Year Giving photo WEBArlene tears up when she imagines having to leave her home and face life without her beloved companion animals: "If LifePath couldn't help me, I wouldn't be here."

You can help more elders like Arlene find contentment in their days. Arlene reports: “I feed the animals. I go to the barn. It takes forever. I don't hurry. I love all my animals and I don't want a rushing trip. I spend time playing Solitaire and I love crossword puzzles. I feed the birds."

About ten years ago, Arlene had to have surgery on her foot to remove a tumor that was making it challenging to walk. The scar tissue left behind caused further problems, and a year ago her doctor told her, “You are going to have to have it amputated.” Arlene was brave and had the procedure done. In her 80s, she found herself having to learn to walk again.

Arlene called LifePath for help. Now she has a home health aide who comes in three times a week so that she can continue living in her own home, where she wants to be. She says, “I'm not giving up my life!”

During these challenging times for public funding, LifePath needs contributions from community members more than ever. LifePath’s executive director Roseann Martoccia reports, “There’s a bigger gap than ever before to bridge between what elders and people with disabilities really need to live at home safely and what public funds cover.

We invite you to send your tax-deductible gift before December 31 to help make sure elders and people with disabilities keep their passion for life! LifePath cannot meet the real need that is out there without your help.

Before December 31, send a check made out to: LifePath, 101 Munson Street, Suite 201, Greenfield, MA 01301 – or make your gift securely online. Consider making your tax deductible contribution to LifePath a holiday gift to a loved one in honor of your gift recipients or in memory of their departed family member or friend.