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Teamwork makes independence possible

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Lisa Middents headshot 2018Lisa Middents

Volunteer Meals on Wheels driver Alan Coutinho was kind enough to let me come along with him on his delivery route recently as part of gearing up for the Meals on Wheels Walkathon on April 28. We pull up in front of Charles Lesure and Audrey Hall-Lesure’s home, and Alan says, “This stop requires two meals, a husband and wife team. He’s one of my Air Force veterans. We’ll go in and see how they’re doing today.”

Lesures WEBMeals on Wheels teams up with Charles Lesure and Audrey Hall-Lesure to help them stay independent in their home. The Lesures clearly love Alan and greet him with bright smiles. As a fellow veterans, Alan and Charles relate to each other. Charles tells me about his 20-plus years in the Air Force from 1953-1974. “I was stationed in Guam and Okinawa. Mostly Far East… And I came back after I got out of the service and got back with Audrey.” The couple have been married 14 years. Both lost their spouses.

Charles explains how important Meals on Wheels is to him and Audrey. “It helps us. I’m not much of a cook. (Meals on Wheels) gives me one nice meal a day that I don’t have to worry about. It relieves me for a lot of other things that I have to do around the house.”

About their volunteer driver, Alan, Audrey says, “He’s a joyful man to have around. He’s a good man.”

When asked what she thinks of the program, Audrey replies, “The meals are good. I noticed that they’re good for you. If you have any disability of any kind, it’s a good idea, because it relieves that pressure. You know you’ve got a next meal coming.”

Please help make sure more elders like Charles and Audrey who need Meals on Wheels can get them in 2018. Contact Carol Foote at (413) 773-5555, ext. 2225, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or click here. The Meals on Wheels Walkathon is on Saturday, April 28, 2018, from 8:30 to 11 a.m. at LifePath, 101 Munson Street, Greenfield, Mass. Together we can support our treasured elders in 2018!