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Shelburne Dining Center celebrates 45 years of food and company!

It was a regular Thursday afternoon as seniors came together for lunch in Shelburne’s Senior Center on Main Street, located in the Mason’s building that had been a church and a kindergarten, among many other community organizations over the years. But this day, cake was served for dessert as they celebrated the 45th anniversary of their dining center, founded in 1973.

Shelburne Senior Center 45th Anniversary photoAmong the 12 diners were Bev Kimberley and Jane Severance. The two women worked together at that very site years earlier, and as they chatted, they recounted the many sites where the Dining Center had been located and those who managed the food and the program.

More history was shared over this meal. Hezzie Ward spoke of a rooming house formerly next door and was proud to share that his mother Lillian Ward had bought the first van to transport seniors decades ago.

Eric Temple, a Buckland resident and former owner of the Foxtown Diner knows good food, and good company. “This is like family. We cry together, and we laugh together. Sometimes we don’t finish our meal because conversation takes over. We are very fortunate.”

“That’s right,” chimes in Nancy Hazen. “The girls are wonderful – they make you feel welcome,” she praises. Thursdays are her favorite day to come. “First I knit, then I go to lunch, then BINGO!” And with that, she hurried off after noticing the BINGO caller had just left the table, not wanting to be late to the game.

There is a sense of community among this group of seniors. It’s no wonder, as it’s been growing there for 45 years, with even deeper roots. It is clear that they cherish the opportunity to come together to share their life experiences, and to be taken care of by Meal Site Manager Hugh Knox and Senior Center Director Cathy Buntin and her staff. Here’s to another 45 years of good food and company!