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Have you read the Home Repair Guide?

The Benefits Counseling Program at LifePath maintains a Home Repair Guide, featuring up-to-date information about resources that can help you save money on home expenses and improvements!

Homeowners and renters alike can learn of the many ways to improve the condition of their homes, or modify their homes to address the needs of a family member who is aging or disabled. Topics in the Guide include advice on how to find contractors and carpenters, weatherization information, energy efficiency rebates and incentives, veteran’s resources, ramps and chair lifts, utility discount programs, emergency assistance, funds to help pay for it all, and more!

Download a copy of the new 2018 guide.

Benefits counselors can help you access funds you read about in the Home Repair Guide. Contact the Information & Caregiver Resource Center at LifePath  to start the referral process.