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How does the Money Management Program at LifePath help our community?

When balancing our checkbooks and sorting out our bills, remembering all the details can become a bit of a struggle. Luckily, for folks over age 60 and people with disabilities who have trouble paying their bills on time or managing a budget, there is a program out there that can help.

Sept 2018 Money Management PP photoMoney Management Program Director Ceil Moran (left) looks over a document with LifePath employee Audrey Stockwell. Contact LifePath if you're interested in becoming a volunteer.Money Management is a program that matches someone in the community – an elder who meets the requirements of our program – with a volunteer who’s been trained to go in and help elders remain, a lot of times, in their homes,” says Ceil Moran, Money Management Program director at LifePath. “Someone could be losing their sight; someone could be just having some memory problems or confusion or just needs help organizing bills, sorting through mail that comes in, and writing checks. And so we assign trained volunteers.”

Money Management offers two different types of services: Bill Payer Services and Representative Payee Services.

Bill Payer Services provide valuable one-on-one money management services to low-income and asset elders who need assistance with their financial affairs. These services include organizing clients’ bills, writing checks for payment, balancing checkbooks, reviewing bank statements, and developing a budget.

For those who need more assistance, Representative Payee Services are offered on a limited basis to elders who are unable to handle their own funds.

Eligibility guidelines apply, and capacity is limited; in addition to income-eligible free services, private-pay clients are also accepted. Please call for more details. Even if you think you may not meet the qualifications, give us a call; our Information & Caregiver Resource Center can always recommend other options.

You may call to request services for yourself or on behalf of another by calling 413-773-5555 or 978-544-2259, or emailing us.

Volunteers and donations are always needed! Contact us for more information, or mail donations made out to “LifePath” with “Money Management” on the memo line to: LifePath, Inc., 101 Munson Street, Suite 201, Greenfield, MA 01301.

You may also donate online.