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Dear Readers: Thanks for making us a part of your week in 2018

Jessica Riel headshotJessica Riel, EditorEvery year, it feels like more and more information vies for a piece of our time. In 2018, there are not just computers and smartphones that ding and buzz with bits of news, but even watches, cars, and home devices talk and beep at us so we can stay in the millions of loops abuzz on our planet. And that’s on top of the old standards like television, radio, and the tangible newspaper, which, perhaps thankfully, don’t tend to chime and vibrate to get our attention, but are still there waiting to be listened to and perused.

Amid all that chaos of information, you’ve decided to take time to read these pages, and for that we are thankful. Whether you read the articles and stories presented here on newsprint in The Recorder, in our monthly mailing, or online via email subscription or here, thank you for taking the time to stay in the loop with us.

We also want to send thanks to the many people who helped each story come to life, by being interviewed or putting their own words to paper. For those of you who read online, the top 2018 story visited this year was about Dino Schnelle, who participated in our free Healthy Living workshop on managing chronic pain. Dino reported that “the goal-setting and expectations-management tools have been one of the most important things that I learned, and the exercise and diet tools continue to help me reclaim my life.” If you know someone who could benefit from the program or are interested yourself, new sessions begin in February 2019. Find a Healthy Living workshop calendar here, and request more information about our Healthy Living program here. You can also call Program Manager Andi Waisman at 413-773-5555 x2297 or 978-544-2259 x2297.

Reviewing the top stories in 2018 helps us to determine what to cover in the coming year, but if you’d like to share your own thoughts and ideas, we welcome them! You can reach me, the editor of The Good Life, by email or by writing to:

Jessica Riel
Editor, The Good Life
LifePath, Inc.
101 Munson St., Ste. 201
Greenfield, MA 01301

If you missed a past edition of The Good Life, you can find it online here. There you can also sign up to receive The Good Life in your email inbox each week. And if you know someone who doesn’t have access to The Good Life in the Saturday Recorder or via the internet, you can also reach out to me (email, mail, or phone: 413-773-5555 x2296 or 978-544-2259 x2296) with a request to sign up for the monthly mailing subscription list.

Have a very happy new year!

If you need a hand, let us know. We’re here to help!