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Why participate in LifePath’s 27th annual Meals on Wheels Walkathon?

2019 LifePath Meals on Wheels Walkathon

Carol FooteCarol FooteSponsors, fundraisers, and walkers have their own, and sometimes very personal, reasons for taking part in LifePath’s annual Meals on Wheels Walkathon. But, for those thinking about why they should participate, or others who would like a reminder, here’s a solid list.

Federal funding covers a decreasing portion of this program.

Funding for the program has failed to keep up with inflation and increased demand from a rapidly aging population.

The increase in requests for meals is a trend that isn’t going away.

Each year, LifePath receives more requests for meals.  In many towns in Franklin County and the North Quabbin region, the percentage of the population that is age 60 or older averages around 30%, as compared with Massachusetts on the whole which is 21%.

A boy with his dad at the WalkathonYour participation prioritizes the needs of local elders through LifePath’s Nutrition Program.

Each day, an average of 550 meals are delivered to elders who are unable to shop or cook for themselves, with more than 1,130 unique elders receiving this service annually. Some recipients have been part of the program for years, while others participate for a short amount of time after surgery, or some other acute need. In either case, LifePath’s nutrition program offers elders this option to stay independently in their own home, with support.

Because elders shouldn’t have to wait.

Though LifePath does receive government funding, that funding covers less than 75% of our costs. The Walkathon, and other efforts, generate the required funding from our communities that finance the additional need.  In other parts of the country, elders are placed on waiting lists to receive meals. With your participation, you say, “Not here.”

What better way to kick off spring!?

To be walking among others who feel akin to you in their support for elders is truly wonderful. Come feel the spirit this event generates!

We appreciate how much effort goes into your participation in the weeks leading up to the April date. Every dollar raised and every step that is taken bring meals, a wellness check, and socialization to many elders in our communities.  Though the event is just one day each year, you help them continue to be in their homes year round.

This year's Meals on Wheels Walkathon will take place on Saturday, April 27, 8:30AM-11:00 AM at the Greenfield Corporate Center at 101 Munson St. in Greenfield. Join or start a walkathon team today, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Development Director, at 413-773-5555 x2225.