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Volunteer Reception to Celebrate National Volunteer Week

Volunteers attend LifePath’s volunteer receptionVolunteers attend LifePath’s volunteer receptionLast month, LifePath hosted a reception at its offices to celebrate the work of its volunteers. More than 30 people attended and were treated to hors d'oeuvres, beverages, small gifts, and entertainment.

Over 265 people volunteered with LifePath this past year, serving in programs such as Meals on Wheels, Money Management, Benefits Counseling, SHINE, Long-term Care Ombudsman, and more, providing thousands of hours of service to the community at no cost.

“The staff wanted to honor the volunteers by putting thought and work into the program. They turned a very small budget into a wonderful event where the staff served the volunteers who work so hard to serve our program participants,” said Lynne Feldman, Director of Community Services at LifePath.

Volunteers enjoyed food which was procured, prepared, and beautifully presented by the Benefits Counseling program leaders. Others purchased gifts, manned the registration table, created name tags, and decorated. Another group of staff planned a short program of remarks.

“We appreciate their work, which fills in gaps for services and supports provided to the community which we would not be able to provide without them,” said Barbara Bodzin, Executive Director of LifePath, during her remarks to the volunteers. “I personally know of two individuals who have been directly helped by the volunteers. One friend was newly diagnosed with cancer this past year and wanted to be able to go to Dana Farber for his care. Thanks to SHINE, he was able to transition to a plan which enabled him to seek out the care he needed.”

LifePath staff perform for the volunteersLifePath staff perform for the volunteersThe speakers were followed by casual entertainment. Several staff participated in the entertainment section of the program by singing, doing stand-up comedy, or reading original poetry, such as this piece written by Nutrition Program Director Jane Severance:

Volunteers give of themselves,
Sometimes unseen, like elves!
They bring joy to the people we serve,
Many, many thanks they deserve!
And think about it, if you didn’t do it, then who?
To our volunteers, we thank you, for all that you do.