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If You’re In The Market for Love . . .

Carol Foote, Development DirectorCarol Foote, Development DirectorRecently I experienced a TED Talk given by activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta. (I love that the TED Talk tag line is “ideas worth sharing” because, well, here I am doing just that.) This talk was about social innovation and charity. He sets the stage by saying, “Philanthropy is the market for love. It is the market for all those people for whom there is no other market coming.” 

It’s true.

Donors to LifePath make a real difference for local people who wish to preserve their independence but need supports to do so.

Though LifePath is a non-profit that receives federal and state funding, there’s always a gap between those funding sources and what it really costs to support the people we serve. How would those who fall in the gap be supported if philanthropists didn’t come through? Where would we all be if there wasn’t this market for love? Donors to LifePath make a real difference for local people who wish to preserve their independence but need supports to do so.

As with any non-profit like LifePath, of the 898 unique donors last year, some gravitate toward a specific program (restricted gifts); others trust us to use their donation where it’s needed most (unrestricted gifts); and many give more than once a year because they are moved by the cause or by who is asking. 

LifePath is known by its strong reputation, credibility, and the access it offers. If more people understood LifePath as a resource, a lifeline, and a sanctuary for individuals to access an extension of their own independence, that understanding could be translated into a larger market for love, and more people gaining the independence they desire. In many cases, our programs (such as Meals on Wheels and Home Care) are being woven together to answer a person’s unique needs to be able to stay in the place they call home. LifePath’s overall value is greater than any one of our programs. 

We have such appreciation for the businesses, individuals, and private funders whose donations prioritize elders, people with disabilities, and those who care for them. Donors to LifePath participate in this market of love for whom there is no other market coming. Thank you for knowing LifePath’s value and acting on it. Your giving truly has an impact on those we serve.