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The Result of Goodwill, Generosity and Gratitude Over Time

Carol Foote, Development DirectorCarol Foote, Development DirectorHaving been a resource for 45 years, LifePath has built its strong reputation through our integrity, credibility, and the wide range of quality programs and services we offer. Over these many decades, as much as we’ve put into our community, the community has reached back with generosity and gratitude. Letters and donations come in regularly, smiles and hugs are given freely, and partners want to continue working with us. Yes, LifePath generates goodwill.

That goodwill is received as a result of LifePath taking its responsibility seriously to support elders, people with disabilities, and their caregivers.

We’ve been successful at serving those in our service areas because:

  • individuals and/or their family members raise their hand to say, “Yes, we need support to live fuller lives;”
  • programming grew out of necessity, creating an array of about 40 programs and services available today;
  • donors and funders have become stakeholders because they recognize the need that exists and believe in the work of the agency;
  • volunteers step forward and place priority on those we serve over their own free time; and
  • staff members carry out our mission every day to provide options for independence and enhance the quality of life through person-centered care.

The above named pieces coming together speaks to the fact that we have a community that cares and knows we can’t do this work alone. As an agency, we are grateful to those who partner with us, allowing us to stand on solid footing, be it the individual we are serving, their family member, or a community partner, funder, or donor endorsing what we do.

Whether you met us 45 years ago as Franklin County Home Care Corp., know us now as LifePath, or crossed our path somewhere between, THANK YOU for being a source of support for us, so that we may offer support to others.

Mark your calendar to participate in the national online giving effort that is #GivingTuesday on December 3!