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A Volunteer's Story

A Volunteer’s Story

As a Rides for Health volunteer, Marvin makes a difference to Terry Day

April 2016 AVS R4H Marvin photo

Once Terry Day (left) has scheduled a medical appointment, she will call Marvin Kelley (right), Rides for Health volunteer, to arrange transportation in advance. Marvin is ready to escort Terry from her door, to his car, and into the medical building and will also bring her back home.When Marvin Kelley signed up to volunteer with Rides for Health, Program Director Trevor Boeding knew just the right person for him to be matched with: Theresa (Terry) Day.

“One of the fun things that we did,” says Marvin, “was to start chatting in the car on the way to the doctor.”

“It was like I’d know him for a long time,” Terry laughs. “It was very comfortable.”

“Right away,” Marvin adds. “She left her umbrella in my car - that’s how much she enjoyed it!”

“Make sure he’s coming back!” Terry responds, the two laughing like old friends.

One of the newest programs at LifePath, Rides for Health matches volunteer drivers with home care clients in need of a ride to places like their doctor’s office or pharmacy.

“Oh, I think it’s great,” says Terry. “I don’t have a ride to go anywhere. It gets me where I need to go, when I need to go.”

“I’m retired… loving it,” Marvin laughs. “I love to drive, I like to meet new people, I’ve always enjoyed people of my age or older. Helping has been kind of a theme in my career and my life, and now I’m involved here with Rides for Health.”

In addition to providing Terry with a ride to her medical appointments or the pharmacy, Marvin is more than just a driver. “He hooks my seatbelt,” Terry explains. “Marv walks me into my appointment, he tells me to watch because there’s a curb coming up, he’s sitting there waiting when I come out, and walks me back to the car. He’s right there beside me.”

“We hear over and over again that transportation is really a critical unmet need for the area,” says Trevor. “This program was developed to respond to that need.”

Marvin appreciated the training he received with the other volunteers. “I expected to be trained and screened. That adds an element to my confidence in being able to provide this kind of service.”

“Our hope for the Rides for Health program,” says Trevor, “is to expand the number of volunteers that we’re able to provide and thereby be able to serve more elders.”

Marvin encourages you to become a volunteer. “Give it a try,” he says.

Becoming a volunteer is simple. After completing the application process, you will attend a half-day of training. For application materials and more information, go online to to download the forms or call Trevor at 413-773-5555 x2241 or 978-544-2259 x2241.