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Healthy Living in Community

Mike’s review: “I was surprised at the powerful effect that changing my diet had”

Oct 2017 Healthy Living client story Mike photo WEBMike feels he knows what to do now to support his own health after taking a Healthy Living workshop series with LifePath.Small changes can have a powerful effect on your life. Just ask Mike.

Mike hadn’t been feeling completely himself. “I had tingling in my feet and I was having it a lot,” he says. Wanting to see if a free community workshop would help, he signed up to take a Healthy Eating workshop from LifePath’s Healthy Living Program. The six-week workshop focuses on how food and exercise can help change a person’s health for the better or prevent a health condition from developing or getting worse.

Mike was surprised when the changes he was making started to impact how he was feeling. “Physically, I felt better. After I started the course, at some point I noticed that my feet were no longer tingling. I watched what I ate, and the tingling stopped.”

The program book, says Mike, “had a lot of good information and helped me chart my daily eating and intake habits. I would look up what I ate, and the detailed information about amounts on the charts helped me tweak what I was eating.”

Mike also appreciated being in the workshop with others who were in a similar place. “The weekly commitment and action planning that means you had to be accountable to the group the next week,” says Mike. “It would be easy to sit around the house and say, ‘Let’s start tomorrow.’ But knowing that I had to go back in a week and face the instructors committed me to doing something.” 

After taking the workshop, Mike feels better about how his life is going. “The course changed me by giving the motivation to exercise and watch what I ate. It informed me about what I should be eating and how much. And all for free! Thank you, LifePath!”

Healthy Living workshops are “evidence-based,” which means they are proven to work, and are led by local volunteers in communities across Franklin County and the North Quabbin. Workshops are small, and people who attend interact with and support each other. They are open to people with chronic (long-term) health conditions and their caregivers and loved ones.

In addition to Healthy Eating, workshops offered by Healthy Living cover topics like:

  • Managing chronic health conditions
  • Managing chronic pain
  • Managing diabetes
  • Improving balance and preventing falls

For more information about Healthy Living or to register for a free workshop, click here.