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RSVP: You’re Invited to Volunteer

The many benefits of being a volunteer with RVSP

RSVP of the Pioneer Valley is the volunteer center for people age 55 and over in the Pioneer Valley. Since 1973, we have provided individualized attention, matching volunteer interests, skills, experience and availability with the needs of area nonprofits. Currently, 640 RSVP volunteers serve at 57 volunteer sites in Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden County. New volunteers are referred to RSVP most often by satisfied current volunteers.

RSVP is a good choice for both volunteers and nonprofits, offering benefits beyond the expert matching services that create long-term satisfaction. RSVP’s successful connections have resulted in a 91% volunteer retention rate of one year or more. RSVP has over 300 volunteer positions in towns and cities throughout Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden counties that can accommodate most interests. RSVP staff members also share their volunteer management knowledge through workshops, presentations, and one-on-one mentorship of volunteer managers, increasing the region’s capacity to support volunteer programs. RSVP’s site partners benefit from many volunteers specializing in marketing, strategic planning, data management and more, who act as short-term consultants.

In addition to enjoying a personal connection to RSVP staff, volunteers receive news of events, sites, and opportunities each month through RSVP’s electronic newsletter. Volunteers who travel in order to volunteer may request mileage reimbursement of up to $15 per month. All volunteers are covered by supplemental general liability insurance that is free to them. Volunteers who serve 50 or more hours each year are invited to the Log Cabin in Holyoke each September for the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon to enjoy an exceptional meal, President’s Awards, a remarkable raffle, and the good company of other volunteers.

To get started as an RSVP volunteer, contact Pat Sicard, RSVP volunteer manager, at 413-387-4558 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..