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RSVP: You’re Invited to Volunteer

Why volunteering is a perfect fit for people over 55

The years after 55 can become the best time in life if we let go of old roles that no longer fit us, seek out new experiences, and discover a renewed sense of purpose. Many of us are free from full-time work obligations and family responsibilities. We might have more freedom now than we have ever experienced. Most of us are still in good health and have a desire to be productive. We may find that we are searching for a deeper meaning in life, and volunteering can become an important part of this process.

RSVP of the Pioneer Valley partners with close to 60 nonprofit agencies, where we have placed more than 600 volunteers. Our community has many needs, and the opportunities to help are numerous and varied. We can help you find a placement that speaks to you and brings you satisfaction. Begin a creative endeavor, pursue a never-realized dream, connect in a closer way to your community. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you don’t like it, we will work with you to find something else!

When you volunteer, you are not only helping others but also helping yourself. Volunteering helps to connect us with others. It presents an opportunity to learn new skills and experience different viewpoints. For some, it may reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. There are also physical benefits, as studies have shown that those who volunteer tend to have lower blood pressure and a longer lifespan.

To begin your volunteering adventure, contact Pat Sicard, RSVP of the Pioneer Valley volunteer manager, by phone at 413-387-4558 x1 or send her an email.