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Services for Caregivers

shutterstock 99253817smallerWhile many of our services indirectly benefit caregivers by providing help for their loved one, others directly benefit the caregivers who do so much. Spanning from local resource consultations with the Information & Caregiver Resource Center and educational workshops to support groups, personalized grants, and more, each program, service and event works to support the hard work of those who care so wholeheartedly.

Information & Caregiver Resource Center (ICRC): Our Resource Consultants are experts in available area programs and services that support elders and caregivers. They can help you determine what help you need, how often you need it and how that help will be paid for. There are many grant programs and programs that now pay caregivers for caring for a loved one.

The Family Caregiver Program can come to you with elder care advice when you need help and information on programs and services at no charge.

Respite Services allow caregivers to take a much-needed break from their important work of caring. Many grants are available to fund ways for caregivers to "refresh and renew.' Make your wish, caregivers! LifePath will help you make it come true.

The Dementia Caregivers' Support Group is centered at LifePath. Support groups help caregivers remember that they're not alone, and allow them to exchange experiences and help one another as they care for a loved one.

Other support groups exist in many communities. Contact the ICRC to learn more about support groups near you.

All Caregiver Services