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Farm to Home Food Program

A recipient of the Farm to Home Food Program holds groceriesLifePath has received funding to deliver free and healthy fresh foods to individuals in Franklin County and the North Quabbin region. Older adults and adults with a disability, who meet income eligibility and are able to cook their own meals or who have someone who assists them with cooking, will be eligible for the program. If interest exceeds the number of available slots, individuals will be added to a waitlist.

Participants will order food once a month from an on-line storefront and the food will be delivered to each individual’s home. All food choices come from local farms and producers in the northeast region.

The program will run through March 2023.


This program will be available to:

  • individuals who are 60 or older, or adults with a disability;
  • individuals who are able to prepare their own meals or have someone who can assist them with meal preparation; and
  • applicants who meet an income threshold of not more than $34,400/year for an individual, or $48,958/year for households of 2 or more.

Download the Farm to Home Program Fact Sheet

Application Process

Due to high demand, interested individuals should contact us at 877-590-2540 prior to submitting an application.

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