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Money Follows the Person

Money Follows the Person is a program that was established to help individuals with long-term care needs to successfully transition from a medical or nursing facility to the community. Money Follows the Person offers support to qualified MassHealth-eligible individuals and persons with disabilities to help move out of facilities and obtain services in the community.

To qualify for Money Follows the Person, an individual must:

  • be 18 years old or older and have a disability or
  • be 65 or older;
  • be in a hospital, skilled nursing facility or an intermediate care facility for at least 90 days (excluding Medicare rehabilitation days);
  • meet the MassHealth eligibility requirements;
  • have at least one day in a facility covered by MassHealth;
  • choose to move to a “qualified residence” (for example, the person’s own apartment or home, a family’s home or a group residence with four or fewer people). Other housing options may apply.

For more information about Money Follows the Person, please contact us.