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Healthy Living Testimonial

May 19, 2011

Stanford Patient Education Research Center
100 North Road Suite 204
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Re: Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

Dear Sir or Madam,

First of all I would like to applaud you and your staff for the work and research you are doing with regards to the above matter.

I am sixty five years old, have been disabled with heart and lung conditions since 2000. I take twenty-eight pills a day along with home oxygen and a nebulizer. I cannot begin to tell you how many phases of emotions I have been through since I was first diagnosed though I can say I touched them all. Open heart surgery sat me down to take a good look at myself let alone my life. Fear immediately crept in and took hold. The emphysema and COPD did not help let alone adding bronchiothesis to this group. Meds can help slow the process at times, quitting smoking was a plus and adjusting lifestyle a must. Of course no matter who I saw, no one was able to tell me it was curable…I knew this was the beginning of the end and that fear would not let go. Anger joined in and was not a good friend to anyone.

No one suggested any program to learn how to live with it and enjoy the time I have left until the morning I received a telephone call from Tracy Gaudet (program leader) who was very excited about getting a program started here in Orange, Massachusetts. Seems like Tracy had taken this program with others and received so much from it. Tracy and her friend Pauline present this program each Thursday from two to four thirty and it is amazing the areas of life it covers.

This program has been offered at no charge to the ten of us in attendance each week; a fantastic book entitled “Living a Healthy life with Chronic Conditions” has been presented to each one of us again at no charge. God Bless those who listen when spoken to. Since there are ten in this group, we paired off with a partner during the first meeting to help support our thoughts, ideas, goals and applaud us in our accomplishments. It has been a great relief to let the fear and anger leave and allow the hope, peace and love back into my life.

My main goal is to take hold of my life once more, to do what I am able to to help make it a good place to be at this stage of my life, to laugh, to love, and to live it to the fullest and I know this program has shown me the beginning of the steps to take, the ability to at least try and make it work, to make new friends, to enjoy the children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren I have been blessed with. Life is worth living for sure and it takes you to make it happen…

I pray this program is presented over and over again all across the world and especially here in Orange, Massachusetts for I know there are so many in need of this guidance and assistance in their lives today. My thanks go out to Tracy Gaudet and Pauline for their time, their energy, their love and guidance during these past weeks.