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Dementia Coaching and Supports

Woman and motherCaring for someone with dementia has its unique challenges. LifePath has programs to help you understand the progression of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia and the impact the diagnosis can have for the whole family. The programs help to build a sense of community in order to share the joys and challenges of caregiving. Through all of these programs, caregivers learn that they are not alone. They cannot control disease, but they can gain skills to help them manage the stress and even find joy in caring for their loved one.

Dementia Coaching

One-on-one dementia coaching sessions are available through home visits, telephone, and videoconferencing. During the session, you will gain knowledge specific to your loved one’s dementia diagnosis, get tips for handling changes in behavior, and receive suggestions to help cope with the progression of the disease.

Dementia Caregiver Support Groups

The groups are facilitated by experienced practitioners who create a welcoming place to give and receive emotional support, share ideas and stories, and get needed resources and educational materials. View schedule here.

Savvy Caregiver Trainings

The Savvy Caregiver training is a seven-week session designed for caregivers who assist family members or friends with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s Disease. Savvy Caregiver is a unique approach to family caregiver education. The program offers ideas gathered from many disciplines and sources. Throughout the series, caregivers are urged to learn, develop, and modify approaches they can use to lessen their own stress and improve their particular caregiver situation. View upcoming trainings here.

More information on caregiver services

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