Supportive Housing

Flexible, supportive services are available in housing complexes.

The goal of supportive housing is to allow those who already live in elder housing to stay there and get support when and how it is needed.

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Supportive Housing Locations

LifePath works with local housing authorities to help residents live safely and independently in their apartments.

  • Elm Terrace (Greenfield, MA): 108 units
  • Stoughton Place (Gill, MA): 14 units
  • Stratton Manor (Bernardston, MA): 20 units
  • Highland Village (Shelburne Falls, MA): 46 units
  • Squakheag Village (Northfield, MA): 20 units
At each of these sites, LifePath staff assist residents in planning social, recreational, and educational events. Staff can also help with applications, referrals, and care coordination to allow people to age in place.

For example, if a person has a hospital stay, when they return home, they will have a check-in visit, and if some services or extra help are necessary to assist them while they fully recuperate, those supports can be put in place. If support is needed long-term, that can be arranged as well. A full-time staff person is on site to work with residents.

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What people are saying about Supportive Housing

Congregate Housing 3

I have just recently been interacting with LifePath and am satisfied so far. This is the nicest, safest place I’ve ever lived. I am grateful every day to have this as my home. I have nothing but good things to say about LifePath. You people probably saved my life…