Nutrition Education & Consultation

LifePath offers other nutritional supports.

In addition to its meals services, LifePath offers other nutritional supports, including:

  • Nutrition education sessions, offered twice annually by our in-house nutritionist at Dining Centers and Luncheon Clubs. 
  • Nutrition consultations, available by phone or in person to those in need of 1:1 support from a registered dietitian.
  • Healthy Eating workshops, for those wanting to build their knowledge of healthy eating in a supportive environment.

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What people are saying about LifePath’s nutrition programs

Congregate Nutrition 1

The meals help add variety to our diets. They also reduce the mental strain of thinking what to prepare. They also are quick and easy when we are on the run. We are very thankful and grateful to be able to partake of the meals this program affords. I think these meals are superior to the frozen type purchased at the supermarkets. Thank you very much.