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Frequently Asked Questions about LifePath’s 2021 Walkathon

How do I view the YouTube premiere of the Walkathon video presentation on Saturday May 1 at 9am?

Click this link: to be redirected to  a shareable and public watch page that displays the title, description, and thumbnail of the video - you'll know you're in the right place! Pour that hot beverage and grab that Walkathon fare, and settle in for LifePath's second virtual Walkathon.

When the Premiere starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday, a countdown will be displayed during the first 2 minutes. When the countdown is over, you will watch the video with others in real-time. (Please note you can't skip forward, but you may skip backwards during the stream.)

We encourage you to interact with the video and each other by using the live chat feature, if you have a YouTube account and are logged in.

When the Premiere is over, the video will remain uploaded for anyone to enjoy. If you plan to walk in honor of the day, wear a Walkathon t-shirt from another year or blue, LifePath's signature color.

While you're out practicing appropriate physical distancing, if you snap selfies or shots of where you walk and post them to social media, use #LifePathWalkathon2021 so we can follow you - or simply send them our way at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Team fundraising updates will be communicated as they come in over the coming weeks!


When is the 2021 Walkathon date? and location?

The Walkathon returned to the first Saturday in May last year, and will be held Saturday, May 1, 2021 as a virtual event.

Where will the 2021 Walkathon be held?

Again this year the annual Walkathon will not take place in person but the event will include screening of a special event video presentation and, if participants choose, a walk of their own choosing. We feel again this year that this is the best way to honor your support, protect the health of our community, and provide for the needs that exist, now more than ever.

Is there a theme to the event this year?

Yes! Because we know most of the work the event takes credit for happens in the months and weeks before the event day, the theme "Why I Walk: Stepping up and Stepping Out for LifePath" was chosen because we want to honor your efforts by hearing from YOU.

How may we participate in this type of event?

Team Members/Fundraisers: In the months and weeks leading up to May 1, we encourage peer-to-peer fundraisers to again ask those in their community circles to support their efforts. We ask that fundraisers make use of the online fundraising option through LifePath. Personalized online fundraising links were created. Once set up, share the link through social media, email, or text. Donors give directly online and, because it's your personal or team link, your tally will increase before your very eyes!  Contact Outreach and Development Director Carol Foote who will easilly and happilly set you up!  

We're considering adding a month long student-cenetered challenge to encourage more schools to participate and students to get active and do something impactful locally.

Sponsors: Please come back! We know 2020 was such a tough year on the local and national economy. Our hope is that local businesses have returned to a state that allows them to support charitable events like this one, making life better for people who live here. Sponsorships are available from $250 and higher. Moving to a virtual event, we recognize sponsors through social media, in the Good Life section of the Greenfield Recorder and Athol Daily News, when communicating with participants, during the virtual event, and other ways as we are able.

On event day, join together with other participants in the comfort of your own home to view an online presentation (here's the link to last year's YouTube Premiere and make a plan to go on your favorite walk or hike to commeorate the day.

How many years has the Walkathon been running?

In 2021, LifePath will celebrate its 29th year of hosting the Walkathon event.

How are the funds raised through the Walkathon used? 

Our move last year to a broader focus proved invaluable as we experienced more uncertainty than ever at this time of unprecedented isolation, need, and worry. LifePath has been able to continue to offer resources, programs, and services to those already receiving support and those newly in need.

Though our headquarters have been closed to the public and our workforce moved to remote, we continued to answer the phone and respond to the needs of those we serve. True to the event’s original cause, LifePath’s nutrition program saw changes to accommodate more people in our community to keep them fed, safer, and healthier. Though congregate meals have been put on hold, Grab and Go meals took their place. Meals on Wheels home deliveries continued, but with a “smile and wave” approach. And a new program for those under age 60 but with compromising health conditions was instituted. In an effort to help guard against virus exposure and spread, LifePath has and continues to offer a free supply of Personal Protective Equipment, including masks and hand sanitizer. Many of the in-person programs LifePath offers moved online such as Healthy Living seminars and Rainbow Elders gatherings. And most famously, last year’s Walkathon saw that change, as it will again this year.

The needs are continually changing and we feel fortunate to have this source of funding to answer those needs in the ways described above, and more.

Can donors specify which programs they'd like to support?

While providing a donation to the general fund offers LifePath the greatest flexibility to allocate resources to the most-needed programs, donors are welcome to specify a program, if they wish. Those funds would then be "restricted" and only be spent on costs related to the specified program.

What’s the most important thing to know about unrestricted funding?

Unrestricted funds give LifePath the flexibility to make independence an option in every way possible. For programs in need now, or if Meals on Wheels or other programs are in need again, receiving funding in this way offers LifePath the flexibility to take care of elders when and where it is needed across our programs and services.

Can I send a check in support of the effort?

Always! Checks made out to LifePath with “Walkathon” in the memo line can be mailed to LifePath at 101 Munson Street, Suite 201, Greenfield, MA 01301.

If I have questions, who can I talk to?

Simply contact Carol Foote, Outreach and Development Director, at 413-773-5555 x2225 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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