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Adult Family Care

Senior man with family at a partyWhat is Adult Family Care?

Adult Family Care offers compassionate, individualized care in a nurturing home environment. Participants are individuals age 16 and older who cannot live alone safely because of medical, physical, cognitive, or mental health challenges. Adult Family Care participants live with caregivers in the home. Caregivers’ homes are in local communities, allowing participants to maintain lasting community relationships.

What are the benefits to the Participant?

  • The Adult Family Care Program is available for those who need assistance with personal care and want to live in the community with a host family rather than in a nursing home or other institutional setting.
  • A host family will provide you with a private room, meals, and assistance with activities such as dressing, bathing, medication management, and transportation to medical appointments, depending on your particular needs.

Being a member of your host family’s household gives you an opportunity to participate in family activities and stay connected to your community.

What are the benefits to the Caregiver?


  • Work in their own home
  • Work together with a professional nurse and social worker on an individualized care plan for a participant
  • Enrich their own life while enhancing the life of another

Anyone who has extra room and the ability to provide a caring, safe environment and personal care assistance may be eligible. Caregivers are provided with a tax-exempt stipend for their work. Click here to learn more about becoming a paid caregiver with Adult Family Care.

Who can be a Caregiver?

Caregivers can include a participant’s family member (excluding spouse, parent of a minor, or legal guardian) or an unrelated individual wanting to enhance the life of a participant by caring for them in their home.

Why Adult Family Care from LifePath?

Our Adult Family Care Program is a long established program of quality care and support. Our staff of nurses and social workers are skilled professionals who live in the communities they serve. They have well-established connections, which makes addressing the needs of the participants and caregivers easier to achieve. LifePath’s Adult Family Care Program is dedicated to providing safe, caring homes for adults of all ages who want to stay as independent as possible in a community setting. We take great pride in the success and longevity of our participants’ placements and the superior care they receive from our devoted caregivers.

If you are interested in becoming a client or caregiver with Adult Family Care in Franklin, Hampden, or Hampshire Counties or in the North Quabbin, please contact us.

Download the brochure (PDF)