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Personal Care Attendant Program (PCA)

PCA pushing woman in wheelchairThe Personal Care Attendant program fosters independence in individuals with disabilities who receive MassHealth by assisting them with performing their day-to-day activities in the home.

  • Consumers find & hire their own Personal Care Attendant and pay them with funding from MassHealth.
  • Consumers sometimes need help managing the employment of PCAs. These consumers have surrogates who can help hire, train, and supervise their PCAs. Surrogates can be family members, friends or volunteers.

PCA staff:

  • Help the individual gain approval from MassHealth for PCA service
  • Provide training to consumers to become employers of Personal Care Attendants
  • Provide ongoing support to consumer who is the employer

The PCA program can be reached at 800-732-4636, 413-773-5555, 978-544-2259, or TDD 413-772-6566, FREE, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A Massachusetts web-based PCA referral directory can be found here. Access to this directory is free for PCA consumers. You can use it to search the website for qualified PCAs by zip code and screen potential PCAs for criteria of importance to you.

Current and potential PCAs can apply for jobs on this site at no charge. Those looking for work as a PCA can also call 1-866-211-9675 to be listed on the site.

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