LifePath Volunteer Marv Kelley Honored by AARP

LifePath Volunteer Marv Kelley Honored by AARP


LifePath is thrilled to announce that Marvin “Marv” Kelley, Rides for Health volunteer and Citizens Advisory Board member, has been recognized by AARP as a Nominee for the AARP 2023 Andrus Award for Community Service.

AAARP Andrus Award for Marvin Kelley

The Rides for Health Program launched in 2015, with Marv as one of the original volunteers. He began with two trips the first month, and since then he has helped 39 individuals get to medical appointments (wound care, podiatry, cancer care, ophthalmology, counseling, PT, vaccination, dentistry, prescriptions, smoking cessation, and a clinical trial) totaling over 334 round trips that equal 12,168 miles. Currently, Marv serves 10 clients and is requesting more. He is always ready to help, and enjoys driving longer distances with his clients (Boston, Gardner, Springfield). He is also invested in the program itself, sometimes making and implementing suggestions for improvement.

The Andrus Award is AARP’s most prestigious state volunteer award for community service. According to AARP in a letter to Mr. Kelley, “Your nomination for the award is a clear recognition of your remarkable service. It also reflects the impact that you have had on the lives of others and in your community.”

To become a Rides for Health volunteer, visit the volunteering area of our website.

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