Debbie Mumblo: A Walking Success Story at 71 Years Old

Debbie Mumblo: A Walking Success Story at 71 Years Old


Meet Debbie Mumblo, a remarkable person with a passion for walking that has brought her not only personal joy, but also numerous health benefits. At 71 years old, with four children and 14 grandchildren, Debbie is an inspiration to all. She’s not just the Office Coordinator and Morning Receptionist at LifePath, where she’s worked for eleven years, but she’s also a walking enthusiast who has achieved inspiring success through her dedication to staying active.

For the past four years, Debbie has been an avid participant in the Million Steps to Prevent Falls campaign. This initiative encourages people to take steps to improve their health and prevent falls, a common concern for older adults. Every year, Debbie tracks her steps; she’s walked over 750,000 steps for the program in total, or more than 300 miles over four Septembers. In 2018, she undertook an extraordinary challenge – to virtually “walk across the country.” Her goal was to cover the distance between Boston, MA, and Sacramento, CA: a whopping 2,636 miles. This meant an average of 7.3 miles per day. Remarkably, she exceeded her goal, walking an astonishing 2,849.74 miles, which equates to over 6.7 million steps!

Her goal was to cover the distance between Boston, MA, and Sacramento, CA: a whopping 2,636 miles.

Debbie’s motivation for participating is simple – she loves walking. She finds solace in the peacefulness of walking and enjoys exploring the beauty of various walking trails, especially “Rails to Trails” paths. The health benefits of walking further inspire her. She’s noticed weight loss, strengthened muscles, improved breathing, and an overall better sense of self.

Her commitment to walking has brought her not only physical well-being but also a sense of adventure. Debbie’s willingness to drive long distances just to experience new walking trails showcases her dedication. She thrives on the challenge and excitement of exploring new paths.

In recent times, Debbie has faced challenges that temporarily hindered her walking routine. An accidental chemical inhalation and a battle with COVID-19 created obstacles. Nevertheless, her determination remains unshaken. Despite setbacks, she plans to participate in this year’s Million Steps to Prevent Falls campaign and gradually rebuild her walking routine. Her goal is to regain her motivation and relish the health benefits she once enjoyed.

Debbie’s story is a testament to the power of walking. It’s a reminder that age is just a number, and one can achieve remarkable feats through dedication and a positive mindset. She proves that the simple act of walking can lead to profound improvements in physical and mental well-being. As a grandmother, a professional, and a walking enthusiast, Debbie Mumblo is a true walking success story, inspiring us all to put on our walking shoes and take steps towards a healthier and happier life.

If you’d like to participate in the Million Steps to Prevent Falls campaign, simply track your steps and submit them to LifePath by September 30. We will send our region’s steps tally in hopes we can be a strong competitor with other areas of Massachusetts! Help us contribute to our steps tally and enjoy the health and fall prevention benefits.

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