Employees Explain Why They Love Working at LifePath

Employees Explain Why They Love Working at LifePath

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“Eighteen years ago I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up,’ so I applied for an Assistant Dining Center Manager position and left a corporate job after 20 years. What I love most about working for LifePath is the balance between work and family that this career has provided. I enjoy each day, from the meals I served at the Senior Center 3 days a week for 11 years, to the 900+ meals that went out today from the Meals on Wheels kitchen. And I can’t forget the smiles on the consumers’ faces as we hand them their meals and provide that all-important wellness check when we fill in for the volunteer drivers on the many routes all over the county,“ says Marianne LeBlanc, who has worked at LifePath for 18 years, and is currently Senior Assistant Manager for LifePath’s Meals on Wheels kitchen after being promoted several years ago.

Kitchen employees like Marianne prioritize quality and accuracy and have a lot of fun doing this work. The hours are typically part-time, and include weekday mornings and the early afternoon. Meals on Wheels Kitchen Assistant Danielle Boyd, who has worked for LifePath for 4 years, says, “It is very rewarding knowing I am part of a team that cares for the community.” But working in the kitchen is just one of a variety of roles at LifePath.

Our staff love working here because they enjoy helping people have the best possible quality of life.

Social workers are a lifeline to many people who depend on in-home services. They meet with people one-on-one, sometimes getting to know people over a long period, while helping them on their journeys. Their skills and knowledge of resources are hugely valuable and can make for an extremely rewarding career. Some social work staff travel and visit people at home, while others provide support by phone or in the office.

Kate Moriarty, LICSW, and Program Director of Clinical Services for the past 4 months, says, “What I love about working for LifePath so far? How friendly and passionate staff are about the work they do; the teamwork; the flexibility with hybrid work; how person-centered LifePath is, both with the individuals we serve and with efforts to nurture staff’s well-being so that we can be at our best and do our best.”

LifePath’s guiding philosophy is compassion and self-direction, meaning the person is always in the driver’s seat about what services they do or don’t want. Our staff love working here because they enjoy helping people have the best possible quality of life.

Melissa Hatch, Home Care Program Director, says, “I most love being able to make a real, impactful difference in the lives of our local older adults. That could include approving the purchase of a ramp so a consumer can safely enter and exit their home, decreasing a copay for someone so they can afford much-needed care, something more behind-the-scenes like improving a procedure so that the Case Managers are able to work more efficiently to help their consumers, or many other circumstances that change a person’s life for the better. I also love to provide a listening ear for those I supervise.” Melissa started out as a case manager herself, being promoted twice in the nine years she’s worked at LifePath.

While many people think of nursing as hands-on care, nurses are also critical for working with people on their aging- and disability-related needs. LifePath nurses work daytime/weekday hours only, with no long shifts on their feet—we are not a medical organization, and our hours are 9-5, Monday-Friday. Because of this, LifePath offers a lifestyle change opportunity for RNs/LPNs from the high-pressure, fast-paced work environment of hospitals and medical offices. LifePath nurses meet with people one-on-one to talk about their needs and the options available to them, whether that be home care or long-term care.

“I love the people here who sincerely support each other in providing the best care possible to our consumers. I love our focused mission to grow in relation to equity and inclusion for all our employees and to those we serve,” says Deborah Diamond, RN BSN, who has been LifePath’s Client Services Nurse Manager for almost 4 years.

LifePath’s dedication to being an anti-racist agency is part of the equity and inclusion Deborah mentions. As an anti-racist, multicultural advocacy agency, we are compelled to take social action to create just, fair, and equitable societies that value all individuals.

Newer employees enjoy a welcoming culture. Millie Ruiz, Receptionist at LifePath for the past 5 months, says, “What I love about LifePath are the people who are very welcoming and always make you feel like you belong.”

Jordan Sedor, LSWA, who has been the Geriatric Services and Supports Coordinator for SCO/One Care for the last 2 months, explains, “What I enjoy most about working for LifePath is the support and camaraderie. Each department works together to support one another and provide the best service possible to our members.”

LifePath is a private, nonprofit organization that provides services and support to older people, people with disabilities, and caregivers. We were locally founded and developed, and have been independently serving this community since 1974. Most of our work involves care coordination, information, resource sharing, and support, rather than direct service. Our workforce includes social workers; nurses; supervisors; program directors; administrative support; finance; marketing; HR and operations professionals; kitchen staff; and more.

LifePath has flex and remote options for many positions, competitive pay, and a strong benefits package. If you are interested in joining LifePath, view our career opportunities and learn how to apply.

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