An Outpouring of Love for Meals on Wheels Recipients

An Outpouring of Love for Meals on Wheels Recipients

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LifePath received offerings of love for our Meals on Wheels recipients by way of more than 500 Valentine cards. The cards evoke what is special about commemorating Valentine’s Day—the chance to show love, receive love, and remember love.

Students at Northfield Elementary School showed their understanding as they answered questions regarding their card making. Here are a couple of examples:

What do you love best about making Valentine cards for other people?

  • “I like the feeling of making other people happy.”
  • “If they are old people, they should be treated well.”

What does this act of kindness allow you to do?

  • “Do things for other people.”
  • “Be kind to people even if we don’t know them.”

Which do you think is better: giving or receiving a valentine? Why?

  • “Both make someone feel loved.”

Raelene Lemoine, Buckland Shelburne Elementary (BSE) School’s Before and After School Director, declared, “It’s one of my favorite projects of the year!” One student took on the assignment with her whole heart, making about one third of the 260 cards offered up by BSE. “She understood the cards would be given to seniors to bring them joy and she went to work making as many cards as she could,” Lemoine proudly observed.

A student holds up a handmade valentineAt the Newton Street School in Greenfield, students talked about their cards. One student likes drawing hearts and stars the most, while another student was excited that he had made a card to look like Valentine pants (pink with red seams)! A simple yet profound insight from another student was, “I put a heart inside of another heart because it’s like it’s growing.” Yes, that’s the thing about love. There is an endless supply.

More cards came from Viability, a human service agency that leverages community partnerships to create opportunities for individuals living with disabilities. Maureen Austin, Day Activities Supervisor, commented, “It’s a wonderful opportunity for Viability members to participate in giving back to the community.” During a morning meeting when Austin asked who might be interested in participating (members range from 22 to 76 years old), everyone raised their hand. About 25 members put their heart and soul into making cards. “It means a lot to them. They are a very thoughtful group,” said Austin.

One member, Angie, captured the spirit of the agency and the project when she said, “I liked doing this because it made me feel good to help others in the community. I don’t want anyone left behind without any valentines!”

Additional groups that participated this year include the Arbors at Greenfield and Petersham Montessori School.

Charlie Cornish, LifePath’s Home Delivered Meals Kitchen Manager, hears and sees the valentine buzz first-hand. His center of operations is where the Meals on Wheels meals are prepared, packed, and the volunteer drivers collect the cards for delivery. “The staff ‘ooh and ahh’ as they match a card with a meal. Volunteer drivers enjoy spreading valentine cheer, and we love hearing their stories when they come back to the kitchen after completing their routes. The feel good rating is exponential,” says Cornish, who shares his appreciation for the groups that take the time to be thoughtful and creative, especially since he used to work in schools. “Knowing what goes into these kinds of community projects—it warms my heart. Thanks to everyone who put in the effort for the people we serve.”

If you or someone you know lives in Franklin County or the North Quabbin region, is age 60 and older, is homebound, and would benefit from receiving a hot noontime meal, please call LifePath at 413-773-5555.

Thank you, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all!